Sphene Vibrational Energy

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The meaning of the original name Sphene was taken from the Greek word sphenos meaning 'a wedge' because of the wedge shape of the crystals.

The mineralogical community call this stone Titanite, so you will find it selling under both names.

They named it Titanite because some stone is a very dark brown color almost black. Most stone is transparent or translucent and most stone on the market is a green to yellowish green, like the specimens you see on this page.

Other less common colors it may occur in is yellow, yellow-brown, blue, pink, red, brown, black and colorless. This is a very popular stone in the gem trade due to its unusual optical qualities.

How Will It Help You?

As mentioned in the section above this stone has a dynamic action to stimulate the mind. Its action within the solar plexus or power chakra is a powerful vibration as well.

It is also a strong stone to aid organizational abilities, and combined with all of the above this will help you to organize your actions.

If you work in a job where you are in a position of authority, this stone will help you to organize your co-workers. This may help you to get what they need to get done more efficiently.

The vibration of Sphene at the solar plexus chakra has a number of impressive actions, including engaging the power of your will.

As it stimulates this area so strongly it creates a powerful activation of your will and helps you to use the power of your will to achieve your desires.

It has a practical and sensible energy that will help you to take the right action to move your life in the direction required to achieve your dreams.

By its action to stimulate your intuition, it aids you to intuitively move in the right direction to achieve your aims.

In common with many of the other yellow or yellow-green stones, Titanite is a strong stone for manifestation of abundance and prosperity on all levels of your life.

What Is It? Why Would You Use It?

The vibration of this yellow-green crystal works in a number of ways, but possibly its strongest asset is its strength to aid your ability to learn new material.

If you are studying in a new field, this stone will be extremely helpful to accelerate your learning.

It not only helps you to absorb new ideas, but aids you to make intuitive correlations with similar ideas from other disciplines.

If you are learning new information in a current field of learning, Sphene will help you connect the new material with what you already know more easily.

Stones that resonate within the third eye chakra will often stimulate mental abilities, as is seen with this stone.

The pineal gland is also located at this chakra, and this gland is associated with the birth of psychic abilities.

The vibration of Titanite at the third eye has a strong action to aid you to develop your intuitive abilities.

The combination of its metaphysical properties, stimulate both your mental processes and your psychic abilities.

This may assist you to work in esoteric disciplines such as reading the tarot or numerology, where this combination of intuition and mental abilities is highly effective.

It also has a strong action to help you find solutions to problems through this stimulation of the brain.

These crystals are helpful to aid you to manifest money, and they may also help you to find creative solutions, by their action to .

By its stimulation of your mental abilities it may help you to manifest your aims and visions for your life into reality.

Wearing Sphene

Sphene aka Titanite

This is not a common crystal but pieces of this stone make beautiful jewelry.

Although Titanite jewelry may not be common, it is prized in the gem trade for its unusual optical qualities.

If you can get earrings made from Sphene, this would be the most beneficial place to wear it, as having it on the ears keeps the energy close to your third eye.

A Titanite pendant would also be very effective to aid you, and by simply by keeping a piece of this crystal within your auric field it will benefit you.

It has so many unique qualities, but be aware that it may make you ungrounded if you have it on you on its own.

So it is best to also keep one of the spiritual grounding stones on you when using this stone. Good stones you could choose for grounding yourself could be some of the stones in the pictures below.

This includes stones such as Black Tourmaline, which is also a very strong psychic protection stone, and Black Obsidian Stone which is another strong grounding stone. 

Blizzard Stone aka Gabbro is another of this group that also aids the expansion of your mental abilities. Iron Pyrite will not only ground you, but is also a solar plexus stone that aids manifestation.

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